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SHIELDOX - Document security

SHIELDOX makes your files safe, without changing the way you work.
Integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Office, SHIELDOX manages
your security so you don't have to.

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SHIELDOX keeps all your
documents secure, and
makes sure the right people
can access them.

  • Manage security settings yourself or let SHIELDOX decide who
    should see the document
  • Four levels of security, from open access to eyes only.
  • Working natively inside Office, SHIELDOX keeps you safe without
    interrupting you
  • You can even protect documents from the past: SHIELDOX hunts
    down versions and copies
  • Track document access and know who saw, shared or copied a

Once you've downloaded SHIELDOX, all you have to do is select it from your desktop and install.

In Office, you'll find the SHIELDOX icon right with your other Office tools, and see protection information about the document you're working on.

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View activity from the desktop
app, including the open, share and
copy history of each document.

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Track versions and
of a document
across your organization.